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Questions you might ask

How do you price a Video/Animation?

To give you the most accurate pricing, I'll need these 4 key details:

1. Script/Textual Explanation (what will you say & see).

2. Reference for the style you are seeking.

3. Duration/Length of the Animation/Video.

4. Due date.

How much do you charge for Consulting?

For only Consulting I charge $145 for an hour.

If we move forward and you'll hire me for the project, we'll include it as part of the budget.

At what stage of my project can you provide assistance? 

I can assist from the start to finish, including script writing, storyboarding, illustration and design, and final animation and editing.

Do you also make Lottie animations? 

Yes, I do.

Please keep in mind that Lottie has limited options and effects available. If you require the animation in both Lottie and traditional video format, kindly let me know in advance so that I can plan accordingly and ensure the animation is compatible with Lottie.

Why should I choose you?

As an award-winning animator and video editor with a background in TV writing, I bring a unique set of skills to the table.

My work has helped raise millions of dollars through effective visual storytelling and video production. Let me bring my expertise to your project and exceed your expectations.

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